Wednesday, March 10, 2021

TLB Podcast #1 - Yochai Gal - Cairn

The OSR / NSR scene is amazingly fertile and creative. It has a very active community, and I am always curious to discover new works, new worlds, and the artists that create them. The lost bay podcast comes from this curiosity. It's a show about indie tabletop role-playing game artists and designers, and what's behind their creative processes. New episodes are going to be released on a bi-monthly basis. 

The guest for this inaugural episode is Yochai Gal. In October 2020, Yochai Gal released CAIRN, a rules-lite fantasy roleplaying game. Cairn is, among other things, inspired by Yochai's love for the forests and forest-fantasy fiction. 

You can listen to the episode here:

Or on the major podcast platforms:

On youtube, with subtitles:

And soon here

Apple Podcasts

Cairn is available as a printed booklet from online stores, find the full list here

Or in pdf:

Yochai's New School Revolution post

The forest next to Yochai's house. Photos by Yochai Gal.

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